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Reasons Why FSBOs Should NOT Sell Their Homes Themselves - A Baker's Dozen

I hear it all the time: "The real estate market is so hot, I can sell my house by myself. Why should I hire a Realtor when I can pocket the commission?" As many old adages would tell you, Nothing Comes Easy, Don't be Penny Wise and Pound Foolish, and other wonderful nuggets warn that things are not always as easy, or as simple as they appear.  And my friends, I can tell you that real estate is not different.
As a public service, and as I tell anyone that meets me - 95% of what I do is pro-bono, I'm happy to share this baker's dozen reasons why you should not sell your own house without a Realtor: 

1. What a homeowner thinks they will save in commission, they lose in sales price! * – one of the websites to help FSBO list.’s CEO hired a Realtor to sell his home * Many FSBO sellers waste time and, after not selling, hire a Realtor anyway. Wasted $$$ * USA Today reported FSBO Sellers will sell for 20% less than if listed with a Realtor
2. D…

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