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Loss of those we love hurts.  There is no stopping the pain of loss that we will all suffer, and as we age it will only come more frequently.  But once you get beyond the immediate sadness, what do you do to keep loved ones with you?

Just over one year ago I saw my older brother for the last time. The day was May 7, 2018.  Sadly, he passed away on June 6, just one day short of his 58th birthday. I’d been thinking of a way to honor him for months, and on May 10, 2019 – 368 days later, I made that desire to honor my older and wiser brother a reality.  More about that later.

Growing up with brothers, there were happy times and less happy times. And there was love, although never verbally acknowledged.  As brothers we shared many things in common that we liked or were into, as well as things we each did on our own. That’s what makes life, life. We’d go on adventures together with just two or all three of us (family vacations, so many concerts, Grateful Dead excursions, a memorable trip to…

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